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Maintaining a positive self-image

Our self-image is one of the most important factor in determining our success and happiness in life.

A negative self image is one of the principal causes of failure. Our self image creates the reality of who we are.
The most destructive self-talk regarding self-image is to say things like: I am weak, I am bad, I am stupid, I am afraid, and so on…
As soon as we say “I am…” our subconscious immediately begins to work on making the words become reality!
So therefore, its important to always maintain a positive self-talk, “I am strong…I am intelligent, I am loveable…” and so on.

Be happy with who you are, learn to love yourself, not in an egocentric way of course, but with a wholesome self-respect and develop a positive image of yourself as a confident, happy, good  person.
If you love and accept yourself just as you are now, this will lead to a positive change, as opposed to, if you curse and punish yourself.
Simply accept where you are now, while realising that you are on a path of development which can take you wherever you have the confidence and imagination to go.

What is required is to put attention on positive qualities and work on developing a positive self-image.
An overweight person will only start to overcome problems of overindulgence when they start to focus on other positive aspects of their character (everyone has these) and learn to like themselves.
If we can have self-acceptance and self respect and refrain from judging, blaming, or criticizing ourselves, then as self-awareness develops, everything around us will improve.
The image we have of ourselves is created by a combination of the verbal suggestions we tell ourselves and the visual image that we have of ourselves.

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