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Deborah Williamson


Looking After Your Mind

`When people do not weed their own minds, they are apt to be overgrown with nettles’
Horace Walpole

It is amazing how many people in our society put so much more emphasis on physical health rather than on mental health.
In preparing for the day ahead many people spend an hour or so in the bathroom seeing to their bodies, but how many would spend the same amount of time in the morning seeing to their minds?
If someone has a physical issue, they generally do something about it, they may take medicine, stay in bed, do exercises, improve their diet and so on…However the same isnt true for mental or emotional condidtions unless the situation becomes so grave that it just cannot be ignored any more.

A tidy mind has the power to identify and deal with problems as they arise, (and they will arise) whereas a mind that is already overrun with problems becomes powerless to identify and to deal with them. It is not very sensible to leave mild mental conditions such as worry or stress or depression untreated when there is nearly always something that we could do to help alleviate these conditions. Here are just a few various ways that you could take care of your needs for mental and emotional hygene in the morning.

  1. Meditate (sitting quietly) every morning for a short whiile, between 5 & 20 minutes
  2. Use possitive self-suggestion
  3. Listen to relaxing music whilst looking forward to a possitive day ahead
  4. Focus for a few minutes on everything you have in your life, rather than what you dont have
  5. Be still and silent for 5 minutes, focusing only on the ins and the outs of your breath
  6. Release any resentments and replace them with feelings of love, generosity, compassion and understanding
  7. Tell yourself that your Human, we all make mistakes, and nobody is perfect – In other words, practice a little self compassion

By spending a little time on your mind in the morning, self awareness will increase and you will come to be much more in touch with yourself, and be better able to determine whats important and whats not needed or useful in your thought life.

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