Cognitive Therapy & Counselling

Deborah Williamson

The Need for Personal Boundaries

The Need for Personal Boundaries. Have you ever labelled yourself a `people pleaser’? or has making people happy had negative results for you? Kindness and acts of compassion are not ...
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Looking After Your Mind

`When people do not weed their own minds, they are apt to be overgrown with nettles' Horace Walpole It is amazing how many people in our society put so much ...
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Maintaining a positive self-image

Our self-image is one of the most important factor in determining our success and happiness in life. A negative self image is one of the principal causes of failure. Our ...
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Wake up to Gratitude

Wake up to Gratitude Have you taken gratitude for granted? Over the years, I have personally witnessed the change in people who regularly and consciously practice being grateful, and I ...
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No Need to Panic! – Coping with Panic Attacks

To my mind, the expressionist artist Edvard Munch suitably captured the agonising expression of what a panic attack might feel like in his infamous 1930’s composition known as `The Scream’. ...
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